Mother's Day

Mother's Day

14th Aug 2019

May is the month of flowers, picnics in the park, and memorable moments in the sun. But most importantly, it celebrates all things bright and beautiful - Moms! This month celebrates Mother's Day with a sweet treat for a sweet Mom with Tortuga Rum Cakes!

Cherish this special person called Mom. Abe Lincoln famously said, "All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe it to my Mother." And that rings true for all of us. Without our moms, who are we - so thank you for the memories and all that you have been! Thank you for signing up for a lifetime tenure without pay, pension or perks to chauffer, cook and clean. Thank you for all the trials and tribulations we shared, with you standing right by me.

And you can thank your Mom by sending her our finest Cinnamon & Raisin or maybe our very classic Blue Mountain Coffee as she deserves only the best. The title ‘Mom’ is only higher than the Queen.

Take this time to honor all the women you call your tribe - sisters, friends, grandmas, aunts, and mentors. And for each special someone, Tortuga Rum Cakes has something just right for them.

With life’s incessant chatter of drama and deadlines, take a moment to share some coffee and cake with a cherished loved one and let them know - You make all this worthwhile. Let’s raise a toast to moms everywhere!

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