Dominican Republic


Hailing from the enchanting Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, emerges the exceptional and indigenous elixir known as Mamajuana. A harmonious blend of rum, wine, honey, as well as a symphony of herbs and tree barks, meticulously crafted and fused, give birth to this exquisite flavor profile. This very inspiration lies at the heart of our Tortuga Mamajuana Rum Cake, a true culinary masterpiece.

Mamajuana is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike in the Dominican Republic, traditionally savored slowly as a sipping drink. The flavor can be quite strong and earthy, with a mix of sweet and bitter notes from the herbs and spices.

You can find our Tortuga Mamajuana Rum Cake at the Santo Domingo airport, Puerto Plata cruise terminals, Punta Cana airport, resorts, and in the exclusive experience shops like Bella Mare and Mundo Autentico in Punta Cana.

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