The Launch Of Alaska Birch Syrup Bourbon Cake

The Launch Of Alaska Birch Syrup Bourbon Cake

4th Mar 2022

Over the last several years, Tortuga has been on a relentless pursuit of expanding its presence in various travel retail markets across the world and creating a niche product for the growing Alaska cruise market and Pacific Northwest area was significant in achieving that strategic goal.

The Tortuga Alaska Birch Syrup Bourbon Cake is made with pure Alaska birch syrup, a rare and truly unique flavor deriving from Alaska’s boreal forests. Nothing is as magical as the intricate process that goes into making this sweet and creamy confection. Its complex dark flavors with hints of caramel and molasses are reminiscent of a beautifully cold Alaskan spring.

This product is available in 4-oz. and 16-oz. premium giftable icy-blue boxes showcasing Alaska’s breathtakingly picturesque views.

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