The Launch Of The MBJ Tortuga Kiosk

The Launch Of The MBJ Tortuga Kiosk

24th Mar 2022

Tortuga has unveiled a new kiosk in the departure concourse in Jamaica’s busiest airport, space UF-19. It is a unique and completely open-layout store concept with shoppable entrances from all directions. Consumers will be happy to recognize Tortuga’s iconic hexagonal shape in the actual kiosk’s design as well as the furniture units that host a large assortment of products, including Tortuga’s top-selling Caribbean six-packs and delectable spirit cakes.

The kiosk alludes to Tortuga’s Caribbean heritage and is specifically adapted to showcase Tortuga’s interpretation of the Jamaican motif and market. The furniture units represent the brand’s Jamaica-specific products - Tortuga Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake, Tortuga Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cake, and the world-famous Tortuga Golden Original Rum Cake - and airport travelers can sample the range of products in the sampling station which is located in the center of the kiosk. “Tortuga’s aim with the design was to offer consumers a chance to come across an experiential visit and take home a piece of Jamaica with them,” said Senior Marketing and Business Development Manager, Natalia Garcia.

Over the last several years, Tortuga has been on a relentless pursuit of expanding its presence in various travel retail markets across the region and winning the bid at Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport was a significant milestone for the company in achieving that strategic goal.

Tortuga is a world-renowned brand that continues to lead the spirit cakes category by heavily focusing on innovation and ensuring that its consumers are presented with the highest quality of innovative new options within the category. 

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