Tortuga's Transition To Spirit Cakes

Tortuga's Transition To Spirit Cakes

28th May 2021

Taste The Spirit

Tortuga is a world-renowned brand that continues to lead the spirit cakes category by heavily focusing on innovation and ensuring that its consumers are presented with fresh, innovative, and new options.

After 35 years of owning up to its reputable tagline of being “The World’s Best Rum Cake,” and acting on spirits market research and data, Tortuga made the bold decision to create a new cake with bourbon, one of the largest and fastest growing spirits in the nation. Tortuga’s Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake is filled with smooth notes of sweet oak to compliment the traditional cake recipe and is created with aged Kentucky straight bourbon. Given the company’s recent success and positive industry feedback with evolving from its world-famous rum cakes and creating a new cake with bourbon, continuing to explore the spirits world seemed like the natural next step.

Now, with 37 years of excellence in doing business with the cruise channel, major big box retailers in North America, department and grocery stores and the gifting sector, Tortuga made the bold move to transition to a spirit cakes brand. To celebrate this evolution of ongoing innovation, Tortuga has launched the highly anticipated Southern Trio range, which consists of Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake, Moonshine Apple Pie Cake, and the newest addition, Tennessee Whiskey Spice Cake. All three flavors are available in the standard sizes – 4-oz., 16-oz. and 32-oz. Consumers are now able to indulge in Tortuga’s new selection of spirit cakes, inspired by America’s oldest and traditional delectable recipes, and can expect to experience unique flavors characterized by bold notes and magnificent richness. 

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