Located in the Lesser Antilles, in the eastern Caribbean, Barbados is an independent British Commonwealth nation. The island country is approximately 34 km (21 miles) long and 23 km (14 miles) wide, making the total area 432 km2 (167 sq miles). Barbados has a population of just under 300,000, a long history and rich culture that blends together nationalities such as West African, Portuguese, Creole, Indian and British.

The capital city, Bridgetown, located on the southwest coast, has a large cruise-ship port and is known for its British colonial architecture, it’s 17th centenary Garrison and horse-racing track. The capital is also home to prominent sites and attractions such as National Heroes Square Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Constitution River and Nidhe Israel Synagogue. Also located in Bridgetown is Carlisle Bay, home to six impressive shipwreck dive sites, making it a popular spot for traveling divers. If you want to go to the beach but prefer to skip the crowded beaches, the capital boasts quieter beaches, less attractive to visitors, like Pebbles Beach, Browns Beach, Brandons Beach and Rockley Beach.

Barbados is famous for more than just beaches and producing international pop star and entrepreneur, Rihanna. History junkies can take a trip back in time and tour an old plantation like The Jacobean Great House at St. Nicholas Abbey, built in 1658, and the Sunbury Plantation, built in 1660, or the remains of the Great House on Farley Hill, built in 1818. The island also has a number of natural attractions and wildlife not found in the Greater Antilles, like monkeys. Those who enjoy relaxing can take a trip to any of the stunning beaches and bays, those who prefer adventure can explore local caves like Harrison’s Cave and Animal Flower Cave, and nature enthusiasts can get lost in lush gardens and or climb mountain peaks to take in the fresh island breeze. With such incredible God-given beauty, it’s easy to see why Barbados is a popular tourist destination. A gem of the Caribbean, Barbados is one of the top 5 most visited islands, even if it is a three hour and forty-five-minute flight from Miami. Tourists can travel to the island country by plane or cruise ship.


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