Case of 9 Tortuga Rum Cake VARIETY (16oz)

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Case of 9 Tortuga Rum Cake VARIETY (16oz)

Case of 9 Tortuga Rum Cake VARIETY (16oz)

The delightful assortment of 16oz Rum cakes includes 2 Original Golden, 2 Coconut, 2 Key Lime, 1 Banana, 1 Chocolate and 1 Pineapple.

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    I feel like you coul

    Posted by Spike on 23rd Mar 2017

    I feel like you could probably teach a class on how to make a great blog. This is fastcntia! I have to say, what really got me was your design. You certainly know how to make your blog more than just a rant about an issue. Youve made it possible for people to connect. Good for you, because not that many people know what theyre doing.

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    I liked it, yummy!

    Posted by Ben on 9th Jun 2015

    awesome, delicious

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    Great gifts!

    Posted by Michelle B. on 14th Apr 2015

    These rum cakes make the best gifts. I bought them for my staff while I was on maternity leave. Everyone loved them.